Mother Stonewall jumped the gun

Daniel Pillis
Jun 6, 2013 9:04PM
Syphilitic Rat, 1970s
Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Tommy and I were sitting in his kitchen the other day and I thought I saw a rat, but luckily, it wasn't real.  Y'see, Tommy's kitchen, his whole apartment for that matter, is filled with thousands of creatures, a pirate's treasure trove of gold and silver, and millions of beautiful sparkling fragments.  And although the mouse I saw wasn't alive, everything in Tommy's world always bursts with life.  None of it is real, but all of it is pure.

Be sure to check out Tommy's current show, Ecce Homo, opening June 6th at Pavel Zoubok gallery on 26th St.  It will scream at you, throw a tantrum, and drive you crazy, but I'm sure you'll fall in love.

Daniel Pillis