@TheArmoryShow Artists in the Hudson Valley

Kianga Ellis
Feb 27, 2013 7:57PM

As Director of Programming at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill, New York I enjoy experiencing world-class contemporary art daily within a setting of unsurpassable natural beauty. Thanks to Artsy, I can easily find artists exhibiting next week at the Armory Show who also have shown at HVCCA. It might surprise some people to know the quality of contemporary art available to the village communities of the Hudson Valley.

For example, on view at the Armory Show is British artist Darren Almond whose A Bigger Clock (1997) is on long-term view at HVCCA.

The flip board clock has the dimensions of 2.2 m x1.5m. It is a five times enhanced version of an out of the shelf clock. The sound of the flip boards is electronically amplified. The clock synchronizes itself with daylight saving time. This oversized and overly-loud clock paces off every minute of our lives with a loud ‘kechunk’ as the digital work drops a number board every 60 seconds.

When you have recovered from the Armory Arts Week, come to Peekskill and see it for yourself!

Kianga Ellis