Street Photographer's Images of Student Protests Join Museum Collection

Mar 13, 2020 6:07PM

By Erin Stark | June 22, 2016

Street photographer Jon Luvelli has given three photographs of the fall Concerned Student 1950 protests to the Walters-Boone County Historical Museum as historical artifacts. The photographs will be in the museum's permanent photography collection.

Chris Campbell, executive director of the museum, contacted Luvelli to inquire about the pictures.

"I wanted to display these photos as a reminder to our visitors and guests that history isn't always old," Campbell said. "Sometimes it is made in the weeks and months immediately prior."

Luvelli captured some of the rarest moments of the protests; he photographed Jonathan Butler almost immediately after the hunger strike ended, Campbell said, adding that many media outlets asked to buy Luvelli's photos. He declined to sell them.

“I have great relationships with and respect for the media," Luvelli said. "During the protests there was such a wild array of emotions going on. I didn’t want my works to get caught up in the mix.”

Luvelli said he is pleased that his images will be forever preserved and enjoyed by the public.