Cathy McClure's 'Mickey Hardwired'

Murray Moss
Dec 4, 2012 8:30PM

Mickey overslept and missed his flight down to Basel, he'd already shed his fur so now he's keeping warm at Moss Bureau.

He is the star of Mickey Hardwired, a new work by Cathy McClure, an artist featured here on

Mickey Hardwired is an enigmatic series of animatronic Mickeys that have been rewired to a single control button.  Beginning in synchronous motion, as the drama unfolds the functional forms of these stuffed animal innards quickly falter and disent spreads as they whirr, click and ratchet further and further out of sync. As we watch the army of self-choreographed cluster and disperse, we begin to attribute individual personalities and relationships into these identical forms. 

 The sets of 12 and 6 are each in a limited edition of 4.

They are also available as single units in an open edition.

Murray Moss