Les Danseurs du Tailor

Murray Moss
May 10, 2013 5:40PM

Moss Bureau previously collaborated with artist Marc Fornes on a very large 'screen', an abstract sculptural work, which applied computational protocols to laser-cut aluminum sheets, which were then hand-riveted together to assemble the work. We had commissioned this work for our Phillips auction last October; it sold.

What Marc is researching is a production process parallel to Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), which I'm very involved with (I began to show the first artifacts of this process in 2004 at Design Miami/Art Basel). This new method of 'making' art is referred to as Subtractive (vs. Additive). Material is 'cut away.

In dialogue with Marc recently, we discussed using this new methodology of Subtractive Manufacturing to apply to figural works - something never done before. Because the process is in the end about degrees of 'resolution', Marc proposed we not attempt to create actual 'bodies', but rather the raiment - the 'costume', which would by definition require less 'resolution'. And the 'body' would be revealed in each case through the manifestation of the 'costume' it is wearing. It was Marc's idea to create Dancers, so that we could attempt twists and curves and 'movement' using this very 'unforgiving' material, sheet aluminum.

Marc created 7 Dancers for our exhibition at the Bureau, which opens tomorrow. Each is wearing a 'textile' of a different Protocol, which produces great variations in Resolution. They are quite beautiful, and completely new. The closest ancestor would be Paco Rabanne's metal armor - dresses and bags constructed from sheet metal, constructed not unlike the Fornes pieces. These of course were taken themselves from ancient Italian "armor aprons" used when cutting an entire prosciutto. My favorite figure is the one reclining; it is like the Aristide Maillol in the Jardin des Tuileries, but executed (sculpted!) in a very new manner - an art form of the future.

Moss Bureau will have three artist receptions for this exhibition on the following dates.

Saturday, May 11th from 6-8pm
Tuesday, May 14th from 3-5pm
Friday, May 17th from 6-8pm

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Murray Moss