Collection in Focus: Argentine Geometry

MACBA - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires
May 10, 2013 9:46PM



The Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires (MACBA) presents its exhibition Collection in focus: Argentine geometry. This show presents to the public emblematic works from the museum's collection divided into two temporary sections, key to geometric art in the country.

Geometry has had an undoubtful protagonism in Argentinean art since the beginning of the last century. The 40s was the time when this tradition began, and which strongly continues nowadays. The collection of Argentinean geometric art exhibited in MACBA shows this. Historic pieces from artists such as Ary Brizzi, Enio Iommi, Victor Magariños, María Martorell and Alejandro Puente are installed as the predecessors of contemporary works from Gabriela Böer, Fabián Burgos, Graciela Hasper and Guillermo Kuitca.

The proposed route starts with neo-abstraction of the 60s. The “theories of shape” spread back then gave birth to optical art which tested the spectator’s perception and converted him or her into an active participant, co-creator of the art piece. Artists experimented with new materials derived from industry, creating an unbreakable bond between art and technology.

Contemporary geometry takes the language from past decades to reinvent it under a modern point of view. It is not limited by the orthodoxy of pure shape from previous years. Technology again becomes an instrument for art, but this time is not only attached to its material, but also to the topic. Artists get hold of the post-modern ways of life: informatics systems, architecture, diagrams and maps.

The selection of works from the Argentinian collection in MACBA reflects the connection between two periods that are fundamental in the history of local geometric art.



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