Berna Reale: Vazio de Nós (Void in Us) at MAR

Museu de Arte do Rio
Aug 28, 2013 4:00PM
09/03/2013 – 12/08/2013

Berna Reale reflects on the world and on human vulnerability. Not a young artist, she but recently has started emerging out of Belém do Pará, where she lives and works. Holding a teaching certificate in Arts, Reale is also a crime scene investigator, an activity that is filtered into the social fabric that materialized the downtown/city outskirt dichotomy issue as the central theme of her work. As such,Vazio de Nós (Void in Us) criticizes the injustices and social disservices that produce countless dreamless individuals, inhabitants of marginalized areas comprising a global geography of exclusion.

This individual exhibit brings to MAR five performances for video shot between 2011 and 2013 in Belém. "Sem/Título" (No/Title), "Palomo," Ordinário" (Ordinary), "Soledad," and "Americano" are dedicated to the victims of the of abuse of power, of extermination commandos; to the incarcerated; and to those who lose their minds in social destituteness, on the streets or in the hands of the State.

Daniela Labra

Museu de Arte do Rio