Top 5 Things to Consider When Having Your Art Transported

Nov 9, 2018 8:15PM

AD ART SHOW 2018 Sponsor, SRI, shares what they feel is most important when selecting a company to care for you art.

Art is not only an investment; it’s a passion. At SRI we share the passion for art with our clients, and we consider our most important job to be making sure our clients’ collections are safe and secure.

Art is most vulnerable when it is being moved.

Here are our top 5 things to consider when moving your artwork anywhere - whether it’s across the room or across the world.

An SRI Art Handler packs a work. Photo credit: Kyle Correa

#1: Hire Professionals

Whether your collection is monetarily or sentimentally valuable, if you really care about it, hire professionals to move, pack and ship your artwork.

#2: Security

Because art is most vulnerable to theft and damage when it is being moved, the safety and security of the art is an important consideration when moving any type of art object.

At SRI, we know where your art is at all times. In transit – we have dual-driver, climate controlled, air-ride trucks with GPS turn-by-turn tracking. In our warehouses and crate shop have universal barcoding that coordinates with our proprietary inventory management system. The warehouses have 24-hour DVR surveillance, no public access points, full fire and smoke detection systems and are backed up by Central Station.

Art handlers should always undergo thorough background checks – both criminal and financial. You should always ask your art shipper about their security provisions.

Photo Credit: Kyle Correa

#3 & #4: Experience and Price

These two go together because everyone should get value for the money they spend.

SRI offers have expertise, and we are competitively priced. Our lead Art Handlers have 25+ years experience. In addition to in-house training, our art handling teams take outside courses every year to learn more about techniques and materials so that we are prepared for anything and everything. At the same time we really believe in being a cost-effective resource for our clients. We are committed to being transparent about our work and our pricing.

#5: Convenience:

Work with a company that delivers on time, at your convenience, and is in communication with you regarding unavoidable delays.

SRI’s commitment to technology allows us to schedule work accurately, with consideration for traffic and delays. We also accommodate after hour post-auction collections and late-night weekend art fair work. We go out of our way to assist our clients when they need us most.

Photo Credit: Kyle Correa