NADA Miami 2018: Programming

Nov 16, 2018 3:36AM

NADA Presents is a series of conversations, performances, and events during NADA Miami, December 6–9, 2018, showcasing unique voices in contemporary art and culture. Join us as they share the stage in an eclectic line-up of public programs.

Featured performers and participants include Eve Sussman, Emilio Bianchic, Rebecca Gates, Glenda Romualdo, A.G., Tyree Guyton, Pablo Helguera, Jahaira Rios Campos y Gálvez, Carolina Cueva, and Jenna Balfe.

NADA Presents will also host discussions and conversations organized by A.I.R Gallery,, Black Lives Matter, Martos Gallery, The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, and The Current Museum.

NADA Presents is made possible with Major Support by, a digital laboratory for art and technology that taps into the creative possibilities of the blockchain.

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Thursday, December 6

3pm - TALK: 89 SECONDS ATOMIZED Eve Sussman, What happens when an artist deconstructs her artwork to create an organism that lives and dies with its owners? With 89 seconds Atomized, Eve Sussman is exploding her final AP of 89 seconds at Alcázar to create a video work whose ongoing life will be shepherded by the collectors who take possession of the 2,304 “atoms” that make up this new piece. Presented with

5:30pm - PERFORMANCE: MIAMI FEETSHION SHOW by Emilio Bianchic: FEETSHION is a series of runway fashion shows with feet as the models, reconsidering the role of feet in the presentation of identity, with clumsiness and absurdity as a starting point. Presented with UV, Buenos Aires.

6pm - PERFORMANCE: REBECCA GATES, musician and artist/curator performs at NADA Miami. Rebecca Gates has released five albums, three as leader of the critically acclaimed group The Spinanes. Presented with Merge Records.

Friday, December 7

2pm - DISCUSSION: Artist and Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors and special guests Noé Olivas, Aja Monet, and Tiffany Latrice discuss the importance and influence of art and culture in activism and politics. Presented with Black Lives Matter Global Network

4pm - DISCUSSION: BLOCKCHAIN AS AN ARTISTIC MEDIUM, moderated by Kelani Nichole, with artists Hayden Dunham, Simon Lee and Siebren Versteeg. How did a technology primarily known for cryptocurrency become a new medium for artists? The three participants share insights into their respective projects that explore the creative and experimental potential of blockchain. Presented with

6pm - PERFORMANCE: UNTITLED (GIG) by A.G., an intimate performance of new songs off the upcoming EP, Zeitgeist Machine. Described as “cosmic American music,” this performance will preview the new tracks to be released as a musical production in March at The Rotunda in Collins Park, Miami Beach. The first single can be previewed by calling 1-833-CALL1AG. Presented with Bas Fisher Invitational (BFI).

Saturday, December 8

1pm - TALK: Artist Tyree Guyton in conversation with MOCAD Senior Curator and co-founder of ARTNOIR Larry Ossei-Mensah about Guyton’s work on view in the outdoor sculpture garden and in the fair at Martos’ booth. Presented with Martos Gallery.

3pm - DISCUSSION: REVISITING PANAMERICA: a conversation with artist Pablo Helguera and critical theorist Adetty Pérez de Miles, moderated by curator Sara Reisman, to celebrate the launch of Mobilizing Pedagogy: Two Social Practice Projects in the Americas by Pablo Helguera and Suzanne Lacy, published by Amherst College Press. The conversation will be followed by Helguera reading a selection of Panamerican Addresses drafted by various cities. Presented with The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation.

4:30pm - DISCUSSION: BLOCKCHAIN 101, with Andrey Alekhin and Misha Libman. The co-founders of simplify what blockchain technology actually is, does, and has the potential to do. They discuss the genesis of and the development of creating an entirely new type of work with Eve Sussman’s 89 seconds Atomized. Presented with

6pm - TALK: VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE CURRENT MUSEUM, with Kelani Nichole. The Current is a non-profit museum collection that examines technology’s impact on the human condition. The Director, Kelani Nichole introduces the museum’s mission, the approach to conservation and cooperative collection, and presents a virtual tour of select works in the collection. Featured Artists include LaTurbo Avedon, Meriem Bennani, Snow Yunxue Fu, Ryan Kuo, Rafael Rozendaal, Tabita Rezaire, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, and Steina Vasulka. Presented with The Current Museum.

Sunday, December 9

12pm - PERFORMANCE: CUENTOS RETABLADOS: KINDLING, by Jahaira Ríos Campos y Gálvez & Carolina Cueva, is a performance that reconciles modern identity with indigenous culture and ancestry, reflecting on Miami’s indigenous migrant community. The backdrop of the performance will consist of a set inspired by Peruvian retablos. Presented with ProjectArt.

1:30pm - PERFORMANCE: TRANSNATURISM 1.4, by Jenna Balfe: an installation with choreographed movement using props and music to reflect on the rapidly changing South Florida environment. Transnaturism is a play on the Transhumanist movement, which theorizes that human beings will evolve beyond our current capacity through the physical adaptation of technologies into the body. Presented with Bas Fisher Invitational (BFI).

3pm - DISCUSSION: COLLABORATION AND COOPERATION, a conversation moderated by A.I.R. Gallery Executive Director Roxana Fabius and Associate Director Patricia Margarita Hernandez along with special guests participating in NADA Miami. Stemming from A.I.R.’s long history as a cooperative gallery dedicated to self-identified women artists, this discussion will focus on the strategies and methodologies that have made cooperative galleries and other initiatives sustainable through their lifetimes, and so relevant in today’s art world. Presented with A.I.R Gallery.

4pm - PERFORMANCE: EYELASH “VI, VII, VIII”, a mixed media divination and cleansing ritual by Glenda Romualdo and Nick DeLuca. Presented with Ontopo.

NADA Acquisition Gift for PAMM

NADA Acquisition Gift for PAMMNADA and Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) are pleased to continue the NADA Acquisition Gift for PAMM, an acquisition gift for the museum’s permanent collection that will be selected from the works exhibited at NADA Miami 2018.For the acquisition gift, NADA provides a fund for PAMM curators Jennifer Inacio and María Elena Ortiz to acquire an artwork for the museum’s permanent collection.This is an initiative designed to enhance the relationship between the museum and the fair’s international roster of exhibiting galleries and artists – as well as an opportunity for NADA to support and engage with the art institutions of Miami-Dade County in new and dynamic ways.Proceeds raised from NADA Miami ticket sales will fund the NADA Acquisition Gift for PAMM.

NADA International Gallery Prize

NADA is delighted to present Arcadia Missa (London) and ASAKUSA (Tokyo) as the 2018 recipients of the second annual NADA Miami International Gallery Prize.

The initiative awards galleries based outside the United States a distinctive platform to participate in NADA Miami for the first time in a sponsored booth, furthering NADA’s global mission of cultivation, support, and advancement of new and relevant voices in contemporary art.

Arcadia Missa presents works by two London-based artists: otherworldly paintings by Lewis Hammond and a sculptural work, “Precious Expressions” (2018), by Reba Maybury, a vitrine filled with objects from a period of performance and labour. Arcadia Missa began as a project space in 2011 and became a gallery representing artists in late 2014. The gallery has been publishing books since 2011.

ASAKUSA presents new works by Russian artist Anton Vidokle and Mexican artist Yoshua Okón. Vidokle presents “Citizens of the Cosmos” (2018), a set of 18 storyboards for his new Cosmist film, and Okón exhibits his new video installation that addresses Tokyo’s ongoing problem of household waste and growing environmental concerns. ASAKUSA was established to promote curatorial collaboration and interdisciplinary practice across borders.

The International Gallery Prize recipients were selected by the NADA Miami 2018 Selection Committee. The prize is supported by visitors of NADA Miami through ticket sales.

NADA Artadia Award

NADA and Artadia are pleased to present a collaborative group exhibition at NADA Miami 2018 celebrating recipients of the NADA Artadia Award.

The booth features artworks by 11 grantees from the previous six years of the NADA Artadia award, including Margaret Lee, Meg Cranston, Ryan Foerster, What Pipeline, Sergei Tcherepnin, Jackie Saccoccio, Summer Wheat, Philip Smith, Josh Mannis, Carolin Eidner, Farah Al-Qasimi.Additionally, NADA and Artadia will present the NADA Artadia Award to an artist exhibiting at the fair. Two nationally renowned curators will select one artist exhibiting at the fair to receive an unrestricted, merit-based award of $5,000. The chosen artist will have access to the lifetime of benefits of the Artadia Awards program, including participation in the Art & Dialogue series, exhibition opportunities, studio visits with curators and collectors, and access to ongoing professionals services.The NADA Artadia Award acknowledges innovative voices working in contemporary art today. This unique collaboration highlights the ways in which non-profit organizations can come together to celebrate artist excellence during an art fair.