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Nader Haitian Art Gallery, NY
Dec 7, 2013 5:18PM

Klode Garoute is the daughter of the late famous Haitian master artist, TIGA (Jean Claude Garoute). She uses here a technique that was well developed by her father, called Soleil Brule. This technique is the synchronization of earthly tones which emit obscure forms and figures, suggesting a condition of modification as if observing the accomplishment of a transmutation. 

Her artworks showcased here are a series of 12"x9" and 14"x11", Untitled Mixed Media which is made up of Soleil Brule, watercolor and acrylic on acid free paper. They are sold UNFRAMED and UNMATTED at Nader Haitian Art Gallery's Online store. To see more 


Klode is a creative artist and a passionate cultural animator who is committed to bring art awareness to people where ever she goes. Through her work, Klode wants to share her positive experiences with art, in order to motivate and stimulate people to seek and discover their true creative potential. It is an easier way which has enabled Klode to restore and maintain a balance; an artistic process that also helped the artist to grow on many levels to enjoy satisfaction in her life. Born in 1960, Klode started painting at a very early age. Growing up with art, she was 5 years old when she won her first art award. Everyone thought that it was ephemeral then. As time would show however, a visit from her father Tiga in 1991 reaffirmed her true passion for art. Using, Tiga’s art philosophy and teaching, the artist inside came out, like an explosion, and through her outburst, we are left beneficiaries of Klode wonders. She has exhibited in Haiti, Florida and mostly in New York where she lives. Klode was also trained by Tiga as an artistic rotation facilitator. She now teaches the artistic rotation method. She has held various art workshops in New York (Broadway Housing community, Affirmation Arts, 159th street St Nicholas Community Art fair, Bethesda SDA Church, Ongoing home workshop in her home studio); and the Library of William Jefferson Clinton in Little Rock Arkansas. 

Nader Haitian Art Gallery, NY