Gold Rugs: The Golden Age Decor

Nazmiyal Collection
Jul 12, 2017 7:04PM

Gold Rugs: Golden Age Decor for Good Vibes

What makes gold rugs the golden child of antique textiles? Everything their color palette symbolizes! From Turkish Oushak rugs to the Art Deco Rugs of the Golden Age, let us explain why they're as good as gold...
Throughout history, gold has been associated with greatness, goodness and success. It is the element awarded to the victorious, associated with divine principals and everything not of this earth. For instance, the heights of civilization are considered, 'The Golden Age'. Even Aristotle used it to symbolize The Golden Mean : the desirable middle between two extremes.
So it is safe to say that anything gold or of a golden hue comes with an abundance of good vibes. And what better way to achieve this victorious look of goodness than with gold rugs?

The following is a list of nine favorite predominantly gold rugs from all over the world that are now gleaming pieces in the Nazmiyal Collection. Use a golden runner to make a pathway paved with gold, or a Chinese rug to give an elegant Asian look.

Nazmiyal Collection