Textile Art: The Birth of Decor and More

Nazmiyal Collection
Jun 28, 2017 5:47PM

Textiles are highly decorative, universal pieces of art made across the world, throughout every culture. While some textile art is solely meant for display, others are functional, created in the form of saddle covers, bags, and jackets. Textile art is directly associated with the history of international trade as well, due to its portability.  Tapestry art has flourished over the decades, and even centuries. While the earlier pieces are now ancient antiques, there are vintage textiles as well. Throughout history, textile art has been used to commemorate important events, individuals, and places of significance. As a result, these exquisite and rare pieces of art have become prized collectors items.

This portrait demonstrates the functional, decorative, and social aspects of textile art. Pictured: Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales by Robert Peake the Elder, 1610

Since the birth of civilization, Textile art has been a fundamental part of culture and how we express ourselves. So without further ado, let us share just a few of our favorite textile pieces from the Nazmiyal Collection...

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