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Dec 29, 2014 5:13PM

Barbro Sprinchorn Rugs - The celebrated Scandinavian artist Barbro Sprinchorn (1929–1973) was an innovative textile artist specializing in designing and crafting kilimstextiles, embroideries and decorative appliqués. 

Born in the coastal city of Sundsvall, Sprinchorn worked alongside the industry's greatest designers and personalities at theMärta Måås-Fjetterström atelier. Between 1955 and the mid-1960s, Sprinchorn produced a large number of decorative flat woven rugs and textiles that are marked with the artist's initials "BS" and the MMF AB insignia. Spinchorn's distinctive works feature charming details, colorful flowers and somber botanical motifs. These designs gradually evolved to become alluring abstractions, and a number of her works are positively modern and truly represent the innovative qualities of the first contemporary designs. 

A number of Sprinchorn's exceptional tapestries and embroideries are displayed in the Swedish National Museum. Perhaps what is most remarkable about Spinchorn's lovely work is its place in the tradition of Scandinavian rug weaving. During the middle years of the twentieth century, when Spinchorn and Marta Maas - among others - were weaving their exquisite carpets, the role of the Swedish rug evolved from a folk craft to an art of global prominence and importance.

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