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Dec 29, 2014 5:37PM

The Danish designer Verner Panton (1926-1998) is widely regarded as one of the most influential personas in mid-century pop-art and interior design. A master of a variety of media, Panton is most widely known for his innovative use of molded plastics, especially in the development of the famous "Panton Stacking S Chair." Vibrant colors characterize Panton's work, especially bright shades of primary colors. Abstract and psychedelic themes are common across Panton's oeuvre, but it is his commitment to geometric experimentation that most keenly characterizes the designer's style. 

In addition to Panton's work with plastics, print, and interior decor, he also created a number of popular vintage rugs and textile designs. While working in Switzerland, Panton developed these dynamic, distinctly modern carpets and textiles, which incorporate bold, geometric op-art patterns in vibrant colors as well as monochrome palettes - thus, finely typifying Panton's distinct style. Panton's carpets include shaggy long-pile Ryas that enjoyed enormous popularity in the 1970s. Designer carpets created by Verner Panton traditionally include the initials "V.P." or, alternately, may include an inscription of the designer's full name.

With mid-century modern design enjoying a renewed popularity in recent years, designers such as Panton have grown larger in stature and influence, their bold experimentation with geometry and color increasingly seen as exciting and powerful developments in the world of design. With his immediately recognizable style and commitment to minimalistic, geometric ideas, Verner Panton is one of the finest examples of mid-century designers whose work beautifully suits the interiors of today - and some of the best examples of Panton's aesthetic is on display in his textiles and rugs, which are uniquely able to articulate Panton's vision for texture as well as for color. Indeed, with the added dimension of pile, Panton is able to articulate a further aspect of his unique and dynamic vision, which comes across powerfully in each example. An innovative designer, it may also be prudent to describe Verner Panton as prescient - for the spaces that suit the designers aesthetic have developed time and time again throughout the decades. An exemplary mid-century modern designer, Panton's exciting compositions speak for themselves.

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