In the Magazine: Maja Ruznic

Nick Swerdlow
Jun 16, 2016 4:03AM

Maja Ruznic sits down with Gabe Scott of Juxtapoz Magazine to discuss her journey to the United States as a refugee of the Bosnian War and how those experiences shaped her artistic practice.

"To live life bearing the emotional stress of being forced to flee one's homeland is a concept many of us can’t comprehend. To live one's life creatively expressing the emotions wrested from such an experience is an entirely different challenge altogether. Maja Ruznic is a survivor of one of the most brutal ethnic and religious conflicts of our generation, and in her paintings, she reassembles these fractured existences from without and within. She is an artist who lives as a storyteller and possesses the strength, courage and determination required to process and convey the narratives of such events. With a curious and voyeuristic approach, Ruznic is "interested in evoking the past, while fictionalizing it.” Empathetic, deeply sensitive, meditative and contemplative, her imagery etches the psychological trauma of those who have been forced to endure violence and displacement of protracted conflict." –Gabe Scott

You can read the interview in its entirety here.

Nick Swerdlow