World Red Eye: A Q&A Gregory Robin: Primordial Vibrations at MOCA

Nick Swerdlow
Jun 17, 2016 10:16PM

Swerdlow Art Group is pleased to share an interview between World Red Eye and Gregory Robin following his first museum solo show, Primordial Vibrations, at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami.

No. 9, 2015
Swerdlow Art Group

"The paintings describe the visual sound of messages using movement, balance, language that creates a rhythm. They move and transition in color with ore-like reflection representing the beat. While creating the image, I listen to spontaneous sounds like Miles Davis’s trumpet, Fela Kuti or some techno. The music affects the tempo and brush stroke of the painting." — Gregory Robin

You can read the entire interview on World Red Eye here.

Installation view of Primordial Vibrations at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami 2015. Image courtesy of World Red Eye.

Nick Swerdlow