My Highlights from Art Basel in Hong Kong 2014

Nicole Schoeni
May 5, 2014 7:13PM

My selection of artworks is always based on my own emotions and the dialogue that a work provokes within me. I am also attracted to artists that are rooted in tradition but within a global context, with a bias towards artists from Asia!

My Selection:

Chen Wei, The Unnamed Room #2, 2006, at Rhona Hoffman Gallery 

The artist’s expressions of his inner thoughts and emotions are perhaps a dark reflection of my own...

Eunice Cheung, The Actual Rose of Sharon, 2013, at Grotto Fine Art Limited

Eunice Cheung is a talented emerging artist from Hong Kong whose artworks always delight me. They are executed with such delicate refinement, using the traditional Chinese “Gongbi” painting techniques, to confront modern-day issues.

YANG YONGLIANG 杨泳梁, THE NIGHT OF PERPETUAL DAY, 2013, at Galerie Paris-Beijing 

One of my favorite Chinese artists at the moment. His video works give life to ancient “shan shui” paintings, with a sense of uncertainty about the future of these mega metropolises. 

Eko Nugroho, Control Over Your Head, 2014, at ARNDT

I love artists that are rooted in their local traditions, but from a global outlook, with influences of popular culture. Who better to represent that in Indonesia than Eko? 

Yang Fudong, New Women, 2013, at ShanghART

Yang Fudong’s works are dark and beautiful mysteries to me. It is a shame that they are showing a still rather than the video work itself...but one can hope! 

Kevin Fung, Unattainable, 2013, at Grotto Fine Art Unlimited

Another great Hong Kong artist that considers the interaction of different walks of life and the daily routine of labor as the fabric of our society.

Hyungkoo Lee, Altering Features with H-WR, 2007, at Gallery Skape 

I loved this artist’s “Animatus” series. Though I find his new series rather unnerving—no doubt the objective of his latest helmut invention—I’m attracted to works that provoke!

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Nicole Schoeni