My Highlights from Frieze London

Nicoletta Fiorucci
Oct 12, 2013 2:51PM

I've picked artists I personally know and have dialogue with, except for Karen Kilimnik and Giorgio Griffa, who I've never met. I feel more comfortable recommending artists who I know and with whom I've developed a real relationship. To have the chance to experience their thinking process, the approach to their work, and their integrity—this gives me a better awareness of their work. I try to meet as many artists as possible.

Most of the artist I picked have been part of Volcano Extravaganza, a curatorial program that The Fiorucci Art Trust conceives and produces in Stromboli, Italy. During this time I've had the great privilege of observing Jessica creating her sea paintings; of Christian realizing his drawings and collages; and Thea producing overwhelming installations. Some others such as Tunga and John are artists I've personally visited in their studios. All happy memories. 

I know clearly when I feel hooked by a piece. Mario Garcia Torres says that we belong to the works we love. Even if I try to be as rational as possible, it may happen that I could overpay for a work if I really like it. Advice: be involved, follow your instinct , enjoy it (this is crucial), but be aware that collecting requires a serious commitment. It is not a easy task! 

My selection:

Tunga, (2011121), 2008-2011, at Pilar Corrias Gallery

Jessica Warboys, Sea Painting, Dunwich, September 2013, 2013, at Gaudel de Stampa

Karen Kilimnik, Untitled, at Sprüth Magers

Jesse Wine, Perfect Bird, 2013, at Limoncello

Giorgio Griffa, Verticale verde, 1976, at Casey Kaplan

Thea Djordjadze, Untitled, at Sprüth Magers

John Stezaker, Underworld II, 1990, at The Approach

Christian Holstad, Backwards humor, 2013, at Victoria Miro

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Nicoletta Fiorucci