An ArtRio WishList

Sep 2, 2013 1:29PM
At ArtRio, there is something for everyone. Given that works start at R$5,000, young collectors with limited budgets or mature collectors on the look out for new talents will have an array of choices. And we need not to say that those on an unlimited budget can certainly take home some masterpieces of Modern and Contemporary Art. To help, we've put together a wish list below for every taste, age, trend, and budget. And, as we mentioned previously, even if you ain't got a dime, it's worth visiting the fair to see these works from up close:   

1. In Case You Weren't Good at Geometry Class:

Sarah MorrisApple [Rio], 2012, White Cube

Cícero Dias, Immobile / Motionless, 1958, Simões de Assis Galeria de Arte      

Georg Karl Pfahler, Warsaw-Cycle No. 2AA (11), 1965-1971, Galerie Crone   
Coletivo MUDA, 2013, LURIXS: Arte Contemporânea, R$15,000.00      

2. For Façade Lovers:

Adrien MissikaBrazilian Gardens, 2013, Galerie Crone

Hildebrando de CastroSem título / Untitled, 2011, Amparo 60

3. Caught in the Act:      
Penna PrearoQuem você pensa que é ... Ego Zero, Ano #12 / Who do you think  you are... Zero Ego, Year #12, Galeria Lume, R$4,000.00

Fabiano RodriguesSem título / Untitled, 2013, Galeria Logo

Luz María Bedoya, Area (6), 2012, 80M2 Livia Benavides 
4. Because Op Art is Always a $mart Choice:   
Victor VasarelyBetelgeuse - MC, 1966-1971, Gustavo Rebello Arte  
Carlos Cruz-DiezMiércoles, 2013, Polígrafa Obra Gráfica    
5. Not Your Grandma's Ceramics:      
Iran do Espírito SantoGlobe 3, 2011, Galeria Fortes Vilaça   
Barrão Nós Somos Assim, 2013, Galeria Fortes Vilaça   
6. Some Good Ol' (Not-So) Plain Photography:   
Francisco UgarteCuarto / Room "A", 2010, Curro & Poncho    
Gui Mohallemsérie Tcharafna, 2013, Galeria Emma Thomas, R$18,000.00      
Franz Manata, COLORBARS, 2009-2012, Artur Fidalgo Galeria      
David Zink YiUntitled, 2012, 80M2 Livia Benavides     

7. Architectural Imitators:    
Iván NavarroPost, 2013, Baró Galeria     
Waltercio CaldasSem título / Untitled, 2013, Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte  
Justin Hibbs, Christinger De Mayo 
Monica Ursina Jägertranslocation.13, 2013, Christinger De Mayo 

8. Brazilian Painting Today (In Case You Were Wondering):

Lucia LagunaPaisagem Nº 67, 2013, Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Victor ArrudaDa série Caleidoscopio / From the Kaleidoscope Series, 2013, Artur Fidalgo Galeria

9. Also Seen in the Streets:

Carlos Bunga, Construcción pictórica #3 / Pictorial construction #3, 2013, A Gentil Carioca

Sergio SisterCaixa 214 / Box 214, 2012, Artur Fidalgo Galeria

Maria NepomucenoSem título / Untitled, 2013, A Gentil Carioca      
Carla Guagliardi, Sem título / Untitled, 1993, Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte     

10. Kitsch is Cool:   
Efrain Almeida, Homem vitruviano (suspensão) / Vitruvian Man (suspension), 2012, Amarelonegro Arte Contemporânea     
Walmor CorrêaDiorama Borboletas / Butterflies, 2013, Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea    
11. How About That Masterpiece?      

Jesús Rafael SotoMurale Giallo, 1968, Leon Tovar Gallery