My Highlights from Contemporary Istanbul 2013

November Paynter
Oct 30, 2013 12:25AM

I mainly selected the artists and works based on knowledge of certain artists’ recent exhibition histories and their current profiles, or on their potential.

Ali Taptik consistently creates intriguing and very special photographs, he is also wholly engaged in the contemporary art scene of Istanbul.

Reza Lavassani, “He’s not to be Found” he said from the Heyrat [Wonder] series, 2008-2011, Assar Art Gallery

Teodora Axente, The Mink Man, 2012, Zorzini Gallery

Ali Taptık, Trans-Kript, The Empire Project

Shirin Neshat, Untitled (Zarin series), 2005, Galeria Filomena Soares

Shirin Neshat, Rapture series (women in line), 1999, Galeria Filomena Soares

Jumaldi Alfi, Melting Memories, Re-reading Landscape #3, 2011, Yavuz Fine Art

Nil Yalter at Galerist

Nevin AladagMakreme II / Makramé II, 2012, at Rampa

Artists to watch in 2014:

Nil Yaltar was included as a solo presentation at Frieze Masters and a retrospective book on her work was just published, no there’s no doubt her work will be more sought after in the coming year.

My number one tip for collectors:

Don’t look for work; let the work look for you.

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November Paynter