Ari Bayuaji on show in The Stewart Museum, Montreal

Dec 28, 2018 6:49AM

Bayuaji’s work on progress of sculptures that are going to be suspended from the ceiling as an art installation.

Ari Bayuaji is in the midst of the preparation for the exhibition in Montreal, Canada, presenting in March next year. Different from the past projects using mixed media to present, in this exhibition, Bayuaji uses wood as a main media, and matches some old ready-made objects, such as marble base, ceramics and even wood components that are painted and hand-cut on their surface. It is expected to exhibit six sculptures, four wall sculptures, two large installation artworks, two paintings, four photography works, and a video installation.

It is worth mentioning that, curator Iris Amizlev also invites Chinese Canadian visual artist Hua Jin to exhibit with Bayuaji in "Flowers and Monsters" exhibition. Jin’s works focuses on a worldview that embraces the concept of transience: of time, of life, and of everyday objects. Although both artists have settled in Montreal for a long time, the content of their creations have not been fully westernized, so we can still expect to see the oriental philosophy between different medias in the exhibition.