Ari Bayuaji's new residiency nvited by the Symposium international d'art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul

Nov 10, 2018 7:02AM

Invited by Symposium internationald'art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul in Quebec, Canada, artist Ari Bayuaji is participating in another one-month residency from July 27 to August 28 with new works and art forums produced together with other eleven artists coming from America, Canada, and Europe.

Each year, the Symposium invites twelve artists from different countries, generations and from various disciplines to create artworks on a chosen theme. In the meantime, events like art studios and art conferences also take place to provide platforms where the artists, art critics, and curators can exchange ideas on culture and art. With the 36th project being held, the Symposium has attracted more than 500 creators from Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa to participate, including renown contemporary artists such as Raymonde April, René Derouin, Marc Séguin, and Françoise Sullivan. The theme of the Symposium in 2018 is “Art and Politics,” based on which the invited artists will discuss issues regarding Political turmoil, climate changes, gender equality, social inclusion and so on by using their intuitive and keen insights to reveal the relationships between art and politics.

During this residency, Ari Bayuaji plans to create installation works that imitate “doors”, with drawings, paintings and original door parts collected from various places poetically attached to three panels. Growing up in a country where doors not only stand for protection and security, but are also reminders of politeness and manners for people would have to bow and bend down when entering another’s houses, Bayuaji takes the images of doors as his approach to deliver the concept of adaptation in this politically unstable world. Seeing doors as a symbol for the connection among people, opposite to walls that divide and set boundaries, the artist creates doors to focus on the brighter side of immigration while illuminating the many challenges people have to face before they find a haven safety. With his proficiency in revealing cross-cultural phenomena while embracing diversity, Bayuaji seeks to open up discussions on important global issues through his works of art.