August: Celebrating Fatherhood Part

Aug 8, 2021 10:49AM

Image credit: Courtesy of the artist

As we celebrate Father’s Day in Taiwan, we also invite Dutch artist Kees Goudzwaard’s lawyer daughter, Aletta, to share her experience growing in the artist family. “My parents gave me a lot of freedom and autonomy to be myself, bringing me into an environment of beauty and creativity, which is probably the reason why we still have a very good connection now.” Aletta said.

We are also curious about why she chose to become a lawyer instead of an artist? “The most important reason is that I have seen in person how lonely being an artist can be. For instance, my parents often lock themselves up alone in their studios for long periods of time and not many people understand what they do. As a lawyer, however, I am always working together with my team, fighting for our clients.” Compared to art, she also likes how the law gives her a clear answer and shows what is right or wrong. “An artist can keep doubting themselves forever, which is why I deeply respect people who choose the artist life.”

Although Aletta didn’t choose the same artistic path as Kees, but this heartfelt confession genuinely reveals her love for the artist father!