August: Celebrating Fatherhood

Aug 8, 2021 10:33AM

This photo of Kees Goudzwaard and his daughter is shoot in 2005, in front of Goudzwaard’s large scale mural. Family is an important part in Goudzwaard’s life. It changed him as a person and therefore as an artist.

Image credit: Courtesy of the artist

Being so curious about Goudzwaard’s relationship with his daughter, we asked Goudzwaard about the story behind this photo. “This photo is taken in 2005 in Ghent, Belgium in the Stedellijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (SMAK). It was my first solo how in Belgium and I showed about 15 paintings and a large scale mural that looked like an immense seascape. The structured yet freely moving composition was something that seemed to completely envelope you, you could so to speak take a bath in it. I showed it to my daughter who was then 9 year old. She wanted to take a good look at it from a different, higher perspective. She really liked it. ” Goudzwaard said.

(Note: In Taiwan, we celebrate Father’s Day on August 8th, because in Mandarin, the pronunciation of “eight” is similar to “Dad.”)

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