Director Bill Page filmed a documentary film for Rodney Dickson

Dec 28, 2018 6:50AM

Left: Rodney Dickson, Right: Bill Page

New York director Bill Page shot a documentary film for Rodney Dickson lately. In this documentary, Dickson told Page that his creation motive is not about telling stories but sharing the inside self. When the “Aura” comes to his mind, it doesn’t lead him to shape the concrete topics and objects but to respond the fleeting ideas and feelings. If viewers are willing to spend time on the artworks, their lives may somehow be modified during the appreciation and meditation. More real than the so-called Realism, Dickson believes the technique he adopted can strikes one’s mind and brings views the profound purification.

The premiere of the documentary film will be held in January 2019 at the same time when the solo exhibition of Rodney Dickson is in display. We sincerely invite all of you to come around.