Environmental sustainability project of artists: "Weaving The Ocean" Ari Bayuaji

Jul 25, 2021 10:31AM

This 6-minute short clip elaborates how artivism brings the community together.

Living and creating in Montreal, Canada, Indonesian artist Ari Bayuaji accidentally discovered a large number of plastic ropes tangled in the roots of mangroves near the coast in Sanur, Bali. Thus, he developed “Weaving the Ocean” project, weaving plastic rubbish into art with local residents in Bali.

Besides putting environmental sustainability into practice, Ari employed local residents as his assistants, to help the people in Bali who are severely impacted by the pandemic. The works created in the project “Weaving the Ocean,” the colors are the original colors of the plastic threads. Regardless of the limited color choice, Ari composed settle and gentle color tone in these abstract works.

Through the "Weaving the Ocean” project, step by step, Ari leads the people in Bali to use the substantial power of art to change this town. “I have been sending messages to fellow Balinese about what we can do when business from tourism is no longer available. The answer is to be found in nature,” said Ari Bayuaji.