Franziska Fennert is exhibiting at "ARTFEM Women Artists International Biennial of Macau" | 法蘭西斯卡‧芬納特參展《2020 國際女藝術家澳門雙年展》

Dec 18, 2020 9:23AM

《ARTFEM Women Artists International Biennial of Macau》|《2020 ARTFEM第二屆國際女藝術家澳門雙年展》

The German artist Franziska Fennert, who about to exhibit solo in Nunu Fine Art in Nov, 2020, is currently showing her installations and reflecting personally about this globally relevant topic – the natural world, in ARTFEM 2020, the second edition of the International Women Biennial of Art of Macau SAR (Sept. 30th- Dec. 13th), revolves around the theme Natura and acknowledges various acts of that have been or need to be practiced.

Born 1984, Rostock, Fennert now lives and works in Yogyakarta. Given her experiences in Europeans and Asians, her production often examines the world through multicultural references. Her production is multimedia, encompassing textiles and painting that result in installation works. Fennert is also a cultural promoter and educator in Indonesia and abroad.

即將於11月於路由藝術展出個展的德國藝術家法蘭西斯卡‧芬納特(Franziska Fennert),現正於2020 ARTFEM第二屆國際女藝術家澳門雙年展(2020年9月30日-12月13日)中展出裝置作品,以回應本屆雙年展主題:「本然」,對「自然環境」這一全球性的話題進行反思,反映人們對環境應有的作為。


Left: "Mother Earth"2020. Image by Rangga Purbaya|Right: "Keseimbangan alam (Balanced Nature)"2020. Image courtesy of Srisasanti Gallery. 左:《大地之母》2020,照片來源:Rangga Purbaya|右:《生態平衡》2019,照片來源:Srisasanti Gallery

Both exhibited works, installations stitched and assembled with fabrics and paints, are speaking about the pollution of our planet.《Mother earth》 in particular points on the plastic problem, humanity is dealing with. The daily comfort of take away food, synthetic surfaces, synthetic clothes is now threatening human's life quality with micro plastics in soil and water, plastic waste in rivers and oceans and overflowing garbage dumps. It is said that every human eats approximately the amount of plastic in size of a credit card each month. The material might cause inner inflammation, cancer and more complications. Animals and plants are affected as well. We see here stitched a mother earth figure entirely covered by plastic waste.

The other work 《Keseimbangan alam (Balanced Nature) 》refers to the fact that waste management is an international problem. Fennert states: "The waste problem needs cooperation in form of exchange of information, knowledge and honesty to define a new way of living, in which products are not only calculated until the point of sale, but designed for re-assembling after the end of service time of a certain item. Across boarders we should work transparently together to manage properly used materials as the new raw material and avoid illegal waste exports."

The core messages both works strive to deliver is what Fennert said to us: "Nature is our extended body and therefore we need to renew our relationship from exploitation to cooperation."


另一件作品《生態平衡》(Keseimbangan alam, Balanced Nature)則指出全球性的廢棄物處理問題。這個世界迫切地需要資訊交流、奠基於知識與誠實的溝通,重新定義嶄新的生活方式,不只關注商品從生產到販售的成本,更要關心商品生命結束後的回收與利用,最終跨越國界、以透明的方式合作,找到資源再生的方法,遏止非法的廢棄物出口。透過作品,藝術家想說的是:「大自然如同我們延伸的身體,我們需要重新定義與自然的關係,從剝削轉為合作。」


▎ ARTFEM Women Artists International Biennial of Macau

▎ 2020 ARTFEM第二屆國際女藝術家澳門雙年展

Duration: Sept. 30th- Dec. 13th, 2020

展期:9月30日- 12月13日