An Interview with Iabadiou Piko

Mar 14, 2018 3:58AM

Before Piko's solo exhibition in Taiwan, Nunu Fine Art invited him to start a Q&A with us, allowing Piko to share everything in the creative process as well as the concept of his new painting

Between the Storm of Perception (2017), oil on canvas, 63x57inches

Perception Above Yellow (2017), oil on canvas, 63x57inches

We know that the intense, powerful and inciting strokes and colors are born from your living perception. How do you observe or experience the people and objects around you? And where do you think your acutance coming from?

My painting is based on my personal feeling and sensation, because everyday I observe the people and objects around me, there are so many perception you can read from them, and all the symbols of the conflict and cultures can be found as well.

It was from what I was obsessed with and what disturbed me, such as my living experiences: all the people, objects, colors, sounds, surroundings, doodles in spaces and landscapes I sense everyday. I see many issues while experiencing them, like human transformation is always changing and distorting. Sometimes I go somewhere with phantasy and try to solve the mental issues, or at least obscure it.

Since in life, we always obscure reality.

Landscape In Red (2017), oil on canvas, 63x57inches

Green Distortion (2017), oil on canvas, 57x47inches

We could see some special media such as bitumen, volcanic ash frequently used in your paintings, which reminds us of the strong connection between artists and their original birthplaces. When was the first time you started to paint with these media?

Yes, I like to experiment with materials, in my previous works I used special media such as Bitumen and volcanic ashes. And recently I also use aerosil to complete my painting.

The difference is painting characteristics, and the different media also allow the work to tempt audiences’ eyes and create illusion, impact on viewers’ mind. I have painted with these media since 2013, because I try to create an unexpected and mysterious atmosphere in my works, I keep learning to control the media while using them. A sense of mystery can be seen by using Bitumen, when I use it in my painting, it creates wave, space and unexpected effect on the surface.

Green Among The Noisy (2017), oil on canvas, 63x57inches

Does it relate to the experimental technique in DADA or the influence from Antoni Tàpies regarding the usage of these materials such as bitumen and volcanic ashes?

I like the way Antoni Tàpies creates his works by using special materials, he explores with freedom, and I like his spirit.

The "codes" like horizontal icons with four horns downside, paws and beaks of bird species existing in your paintings are always being discussed while reading your works. You’ve mentioned that it is because you could only stretch your animal intuitions when you are drawing, which you could reach a original state of your own.

Yes I am, this is exactly the “landscape” and “human transformation” I mention above. We all have an animal character within us. And the image of birds keeps getting back to my memories when I draw these creatures, but this meaning is always involved with reality, the bird is a metaphor, it goes anywhere, like an angel, like what I dream in my art.

Silence In Line (2017), oil on canvas, 63x57inches

How do you let your thoughts speed on the canvas? Would you mind to share some stories behind with us?

I just let my will project intuitively on the canvas. The Idea is to do anything freely, do anything with my own will and express what I feel in my heart. To make all-out effort in being myself.

In your new series of paintings, we can find a large amount of fluorescent / bright colors are employed in the images, is there any particular reason in choosing these colors?

These colors guide me to the conflict and culture in life.

Landscape Under the Blue Mountain (2017), oil on canvas, 57x47inches

You just won "Top 10 Recognition Asia’s Most Inspiring Visual Artist" from "The Top 10 of Asia" in late 2017. As a much-anticipated young artist, what is your next plan in the future?

In 2018 Jan – March I'll have an Project Residency at Ware House 421 Dubai.