Jui-Chien, Hsu exhibiting at New Taipei City Arts Center 徐瑞謙參與新北市藝文中心《給火星人類學家》聯展

Dec 18, 2020 9:11AM

Left Image: Jui-Chien, Hsu and his latest work "Is It a Bathroom?"
Right Image: New Taipei City Arts Center current exhibition"To Martian Anthropologists"

New Taipei City Arts Center, Taiwan includes New Taipei City Library, a performance hall, three exhibition rooms and the Huang Guei-Li Memorial Hall. The center holds numerous exhibitions and activities, offering local communities a diverse space for art apperciation and viewing.

To create his latest work "Is It a Bathroom?" Jui-Chien, Hsu melted 100 kg of soap then formed it into a huge soap cube. It looks like a three-dimensional canvas or a marble. But no matter what we see, the viewers can feel the transformation of the material in liquid and solid state, also the space and time condensed in the process of creation.


圖片中的《是浴室嗎》由徐瑞謙親手將100kg 的肥皂一鍋一鍋的煮融,再將肥皂液體重建成一整塊的正方體,好似立體四面的畫布也像一塊充滿肌理的大理石,但不論看到的是什麼,都能感受到肥皂立方中蘊含的時間與空間的詮釋、物質在流體與固體間的轉化。

Information 展覽資訊:

▎To Martian Anthropologists


Duration: August 4 - September 28, 2020

展期:8月4日- 9月28日