Kao Ya-Ting Features at Chiayi Art Museum Group Show

Sep 19, 2021 10:20AM

Image Credit:Curator, Ming-Jiun Tsai

Taiwanese artist Kao Ya-Ting‘s “Sea Clouds in Alishan” is currently exhibiting in “A Rhythm of Tree Forming the Forest”, at Chiayi Art Museum.

This exhibition is displayed in three venues, Chiayi Art Museum, Chiayi Sawmill and Zhaoping Park. Developed from the forests of Alishan and the Chiayi’s Forestry, looking back at the history and discussing the relationship between forests and cities.

Kao Ya-Ting had used the renowned sea of clouds in Alishan as the creation theme and utilized various image materials for “Sea of Clouds in Alishan”. Through the process of repainting oil on canvas and collaging the image datas of the sea of clouds, Kao used her restrained contours and colors to create the sea of clouds in her eyes and the cultural context contained in the forest