Petah Coyne Is Included in the Latest Publication "Great Women Artists" |Petah Coyne名列新書《偉大的女性藝術家》

Mar 19, 2020 2:59AM

Image Credit: Phaidon

"Great Women Artists" is the most comprehensive female artist's book of all time, with over 400 fascinating artworks and showcases captivating female creativity for five centuries: Petah Coyne, Marina Abramović, Helen Frankenthaler, Agnes Martin, and Frida Kahlo are listed in this book. In the museums, art galleries, and art markets, female artists who have been neglected in the past are rising irresistibly and gradually gaining recognition.

《偉大的女性藝術家》(“Great Women Artists”)是有史以來最全面的女性藝術家書籍,網羅超過400件引人入勝的藝術品、並展示了五個世紀以來令人著迷的女性創造力:Petah Coyne, Marina Abramović, Helen Frankenthaler, Agnes Martin, Frida Kahlo都名列其中。在博物館、美術館和藝術市場中,以往多被忽視的女性藝術家正以不可抵擋之姿崛起,並逐步獲得認可價值。

Detail of Petah Coyne's Work. Petah Coyne 作品細節圖

The book not only introduces the artist's masterpieces, but also intersperses brief comments, revealing an appealing art history, and opening up the path of multiple voices in this era.

As the New Yorker commented: "Real changes are upon us, and today one can reel off the names of a number of first-rate women artists. Nevertheless, women are just getting started." Nunu Fine Art joins you to witness the precious moment when women shine.


一如《紐約客》點評:“真正的改變上演中,女性藝術家的名字在今日被人提起。儘管如此,女性才正要崛醒。”Nunu Fine Art與您一同見證,女性大放異彩的時刻到來。