Rona Pondick “Head in Tree” now exhibiting at Nasher Sculpture Center

May 30, 2021 6:38AM

"If you can't defeat the nature, why not join them?"— Rona Pondick

Rona Pondick "Head in Tree". (Photographed by Kevin Todora)

New York artist Rona Pondick's sculptures “Head in Tree” is now exhibiting in the "Nasher Mixtape" group show, in Nasher Sculpture Center, USA.

In late 90s', Rona started to make mold from her own head and combine it with stylized animal and tree bodies that she hand modeled. These hybrid animal/human forms go back to Neolithic times and appear through every period in art history and all kinds of myths.

"Head in Tree" was the first tree/human piece where Rona's head was life-size. The master of materials talked to, Catherine Craft the Nasher Sculpture Center Curator, about this work and said: "In my tree human pieces, the matte and rough surfaces of the bark make a contrast with my smooth, shiny head. Playing on the concept of narcissism, the mirrored surfaces draw viewers into looking at themselves. I like the way these contrasting, contradictory surfaces come together and make metaphoric meanings."