Thailand Biennale Karabi 2018: Edge of the Wonderland

Nov 10, 2018 6:53AM

In the “Thailand Biennale Karabi 2018” artist shortlist, artists cooperated with Nunu Fine Art including art group—Vertical Submarine that made the exhibition “John Martin: The butcher and the surgeon,” artists Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan, who had been working closely with us in “The Left Wings Project in Taiwan”, and artist Ben Rivers, who made the film “What Means Something” of artist Rose Wylie, are going to display their artworks in Krabi, Thailand from November this year to February next year.

As the most important international exhibition in Thailand, the first Thailand Biennale is coming soon at Krabi’s outdoor venues. “Edge of the Wonderland” is this year’s biennale theme. Like the renowned story “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,” the land connects to our everyday reality and yet, it’s special atmosphere and aura makes us fall into a world of fantasy and imaginary. Located in Thailand’s border, as if Krabi is the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, creating a boundary between reality and illusion, real and imaginary, material and spirit, and known and unknown. “Thailand Biennale Karabi 2018” will at the same time promote this wonderland in Andaman Sea as a world art city.

In the four months exhibition, Thailand Biennale encourages creative strategies and innovative practices for site-specific installations. Different from the static structure, the biennale’s exhibition space varies from one day to another depends on weather and environment condition. Artists’ artworks are also based on the theme “Edge of the Wonderland,” and combined Krabi’s unique landscapes and exhibition forms. The first Thailand biennale is a cutting-edge exploration driven by visual practice, and a new way of thinking, providing opportunities for nature and art to meet together, and at the same time let us start our creative and imaginative trip from “Edge of the Wonderland.”