Three Artists cooperated with Nunu Fine Art were shortlisted for the 2018 Ateneo Art Awards

Aug 22, 2018 7:44AM

Ateneo Art Awards, the most prestigious prize for emerging artists in the Philippines, recently published their 2018 Ateneo Art Awards shortlist of visual art. Ronson Culibrina, Johanna Helmuth, and Ciron Señeres were three of the shortlist artists and have been cooperated with Nunu Fine Art. While sharing this great news with all of you, we also hope to introduce more creations of these three artists here at Nunu Fine Art!

ohanna Helmuth,〈Resting Bride〉,2017,Oil on canvas|100x100 cm|39.3x39.4 inches

Located at the Arts Wing of Areté, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Ateneo Art Gallery is recognized today as the first museum of Philippine modern art. Starting from Fernando Zóbel’s collection of works by key Filipino post war artists, Ateneo Art Gallery followed the step of art movement to collect a series of artworks in the post war era. From neo-realism, abstract expressionism to today’s post-modern hybrid art, Ateneo Art Gallery presents the art movement periods with their rich collection, and is regarded as the indicator and spearhead of Philippine contemporary art.

Ronson Culibrina,〈Cross-Breed〉,2017,Oil on canvas|120x120 cm|47x47 inches

To support young artists and encourage the development of contemporary art, Ateneo Art Gallery had regularly held Ateneo Art Awards once a year since 2004. Ateneo Art Awards is now recognized as the most important and representative art award in Philippine.

Ateneo Art Awards:

Ciron Señeres,〈Connect to Cut〉,2017,Oil on canvas|122x153 cm|48 x 60 inches