Damian Stamer Makes Paintings

Olivia-Jene Fagon
Dec 17, 2013 9:37PM

"I’ve long been interested in this concept of  building or making a painting—as opposed to painting it."[Stamer] starts with a figurative interest in subject, but then proceeds to work on that image, to efface it, blur it, hide it, scrape it, partially to “super-compress time,” as he says, to imbue the finished piece with a heavy burden (history, weight, surface scars)...The structures he represents—once built by hand, now left to ruin—are rebuilt, by hand, with paint, and distressed to reflect their heritage. " 

From Freight + Volume press release for North Carolina-based painter  DAMIAN STAMER's exhibition "Sundays." 
Explore works from the show on Artsy. 
Olivia-Jene Fagon