My Highlights from Contemporary Istanbul 2014

Oner Kocabeyoglu
Nov 5, 2014 6:25PM

My Selection: 

Canan Tolon, Untitled / İsimsiz, 1997, at Galeri Nev

She is one of my favorite Turkish Abstract artists. I really like what she has been doing for many years.

Ahmet Duru, Roots, 2014, at Daire Galeri 

This very young artist’s nature drawings are very successful! 

Keymal Seyhan, Untitled, 2014, at art ON Istanbul

I chose this piece because I like the new surface in the artist’s work.

Gustavo Diaz Sosa, De burocratas y padrinos, 2014, at Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo 

I know this young Cuban artist from my business trips to Madrid and Barcelona. I like the detailed works on paper and canvas.

Rasim Aksan, #Pitachok, 2014, at Galerist 

I have followed this hyper-realist artist for a long time. I like his charcoal drawings also. 


Generally, he makes political and public messages. This work shows me his position toward natural disasters. 

Bruno Walpoth, Tania II, 2013, at C.A.M Galeri

I like the wooden works by him. They are very realistic.

Banksy, Precision Bombing, 2000, at Andipa Gallery 

Banksy is English graffiti artist—I love his satirical street art. Banksy’s political and social commentary works have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.

Erol Eskici, Untitled, 2014, at Sanatorium

His detailed drawings impress me.

Jean-François Rauzier, Istanbul Vedute, 2014, at Villa del Arte Galleries 

I really like the hyper-photos of Istanbul by the artist, made using a special technique.

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Oner Kocabeyoglu