Contemporary artworks.

orta therox
Mar 2, 2013 1:12PM

Contemporary artworks. The bane of the "I don't get it crowd." I grabbed these artworks because I didn't get them. There's a good bunch of them

So when confronted with no answers I turned to research mode. Turns out they're a continuation (isn't everything?) of another series of works with some cool aliens in them. Where these images seem to act as the background.

So I dug around further, and figured something else out. These works are named after famous occultists ( e.g. Franz Memser ) and, judging by their names,  are attempts to map the aura of the named person. Perhaps the blurriness is a way of saying that this whole process is very ethereal. 

And there you go. Confused by contemporary art? Search for clues.

orta therox