Found on Artsy Fridays : 6

orta therox
Jan 18, 2013 7:37PM

Artsy was featured on a renound creator / programmer website Hacker News a day or two ago. And the link got me thinking of just how useful realtime communication can be in support. 

For example just today I got a review on one of my apps saying, 

Before update to 1.5, i couldn't log in, and left a one-star review saying as much... & that review got a tweet in response within a day, telling me what the problem was and how soon it would be fixed. The next day, I got another msg via Twitter telling me that the app had been updated. Lo and behold, works great. Thanks for that, and thank you for being responsive and accessible. If i could give customer service a separate rating, it'd be 5 stars; on the strength of the app alone, I gotta go with 4.

I'm a fan of remembering that you're always making a comment to a person even if there is a delay. Because of this I wanted to present some cool works related to conversations.  

orta therox
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