Found on Fridays: 2

orta therox
Dec 22, 2012 4:12PM

A post-friday post today on Saturday due to friday travel. I found these two works that I felt had a visual connection between. They both are portraits that have been distorted to the point of making the target unrecognisable.  

The first Joshua Hagler's The Trial of Hags the Dancing Clown, looks to be like a double layered painting whereby initially it was done representationally and then infused with these passionate strokes of thick impasto paint.

The second Schandra Singhu's Untitled (Man w/ tie), has an great image that you can zoom into and really get a feel for the complexity of the work here.  What I find interesting here is that the suit flopping like it's empty. Is she alluding to an idea that all this man is is shown on his face? If we had comments on I'd ask one of the gallery team to respond, but another time.

Both of these works are larger than average works an both have a transformative effect on the human face.  Facial Recognition in humans means you can really push our perception of a human. I'd love to find more artworks like these ( and my favourite painter Glenn Brown )

orta therox