orta therox
Feb 12, 2013 3:32AM

In iOS its easy to make great animations. So Artsy Folio is full of cool animations. I know this because I built the majority of them, but as it's generally safer to presume you don't work at a gallery / museum I think it's reasonable to expect that you've not seen them. 

So instead I'll tell you about my favourite animations that are in Artsy the website. The ones that really stand out to me are in the BROWSE section above. Note the subtle parallax effect on the text as void opens. If you click one of the "See more..."'s you get another visual treat. I like the delayed arrow reminding you that if you'd like you can go back up to see all the other sections again. 

The gals on the web side deserve a pat on the back for that experience. I'd be proud to have them in my apps.

orta therox
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Jenna Gribbon, Luncheon on the grass, a recurring dream, 2020. Jenna Gribbon, April studio, parting glance, 2021. Jenna Gribbon, Silver Tongue, 2019