ox vision
Oct 8, 2014 7:36PM

My idea for the exhibition came from the fact that Robert Rauschenberg is from the same hometown of one of the most well known underground rap groups and one of my favorite groups. Bun B and Pimp C of Under Ground Kings (UGK) is I group that I grew up on, and to find out that they are from the same house town, Port Arthur Texas. I thought that was very strange or divine intervention to me cause here is a hardcore black ghetto group who are platinum artist and here is a white artist who is one of Americas prolific innovator of techniques and mediums. Here are two groups of people that have come into my life at different times in my life and ultimately have an effect on what I'm trying to accomplish. So, with them being at opposite ends of the spectrum, that’s when I came up with the idea for a title called "Obsidian white" it is a series of black and white pictures of black and white girls and the concept is what if black was white or white was black or vice versa just like UGK and Rauschenberg who made it to the top of their profession who are from the same home town and became legends in their own right, and for me being from the hood and now I'm earning a degree in fine arts. That sound like a testament or someone higher up telling me that it’s not a coincidence. So, does it really matter black and white, is kind of the concept because I find it ironic black and white females in black and white photos!

ox vision
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