PArC 2017 Programming

Apr 11, 2017 8:33PM

Solo Projects

Anyone Anywhere serves as a guide that will allow visitors to delve into the Solo Projects 2017, with the intention of discovering forms of engaging with relevant and current artistic practices and also, with the possibility of unfolding the particularity behind the way of working of each of the six invited artists. The curatorial objective, is to allow for flexibility to invade the guide here proposed as a point of departure from where to approximate this section within the fair: ways of coexisting in the current world. Anyone Anywhere is a space for continuity of preexisting projects, so these can be shared fully while they too, adapt to the specific context of which they are temporarily part of under the Solo Projects for PArC.

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The Auditorium section programmed by Miguel Lopez serves as an international platform for meeting and discussing the changing dynamics of artistic production, hysteria and art research, publications and collecting in Latin America in recent years. "Together with our guests from different countries in the region, we seek to build a critical eye that allows us to understand some of the most important initiatives that have been developed in contemporary art," explained Lopez. This year, the panels focus on the challenges of collecting and exhibiting in Latin America. The Auditorium will also be the stage for the presentation of books. Some of the participants are: Ella Fontanals Cisneros, Director of the CIFO Foundation for the Arts; José Luis Blondet, Curator of Special Projects of LACMA; Adriano Pedrosa, Art Director of the Sao Paulo Art Museum; Juan Carlos Verme, President of MALI and Founder of AMIL in Lima, among other luminaries in the art world.

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Tijuana Project

Peru Contemporary Art - PArC 2017 will welcome the 14th. Edition of the Tijuana de Arte Impreso Fair, which began in Sao Paulo in 2009. This fair investigates and focuses on books by artists from all over the world, especially from Latin America, and has an experience of exponential growth since its inception. The Tijuana de Arte Impresa Fair will be part of Peru Arte Contemporáneo - PArC 2017 and will continue its mission to research publishing production as well as artists who publish themselves in Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

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