The Artis Israeli Artist Fund at Columbia University

Jul 31, 2013 9:50PM
Before and After: The Making of "Elia", 2009
Since 2004, Artis has supported MFA students enrolled in the Visual Arts Program at Columbia University through the Artis Israeli Artist Fund. Scholarships are awarded annually to artists from Israel who have been already been accepted into the program. Our relationship with Columbia extends beyond the traditional scholarship funding model, offering financial support alongside curatorial and gallery introductions, press and promotional opportunities, as well as artist lectures and community building events. For the 2012-2013 academic year, we are pleased to support Shahar Yahalom and Ben Hagari.
Support the Artis M.F.A. Israeli Artist Fund at Columbia University by purchasing Before and After: The Making of “Elia” (2009), an Artis Limited Edition piece by alumnus Guy Ben-Ner (’03).    
Elia – A Story of an Ostrich Chick (2003) is a video Ben-Ner produced while attending Columbia University’s MFA program. He selected this image for a limited edition print with all proceeds benefiting the fund of which he was the first recipient. “Elia” is a take off on a nature documentary shot in Riverside Park down the street from campus. The outfits – constructed from mop handles, vacuum hoses and papier mache – face the opposite direction of their bearers, so that in the video, which runs in reverse, the ostriches appear to be walking forward. The calm, Discovery Channel-style voice-over narrates Elia's coming of age story and her relationship and brief separation from her mother, father and brother. Like many filmmakers, Ben-Ner storyboards his projects and his beautiful drawings are numbered with the shot and scene that relate to its position in the film. Here, the drawing denotes that it is Scene 4/Shot 24. On the right is a still from the finished video from the same scene.      
Other alumni include: Alumni include: Inbal Abergil (’11), Einat Amir (’09), Uri Aran (‘07), Daniel Bauer (’06), Guy Ben-Ari (’11), Guy Ben-Ner (’03), Tamy Ben-Tor (’06), Miki Carmi (’05), Yoav Horesh (’05), Oz Malul (’08), Ohad Meromi (’04), Gilad Ratman (’09), Mika Rottenberg (’04), Ariel Schlesinger, Lior Shvil (’10), Naama Tsabar (’10), and Rona Yefman (’09). 

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