My Highlights from Zona MACO 2014

Patricia Martin
Jan 28, 2014 10:22PM

There is a natural language I perceived in the pieces I selected. Across the formal and the sculptural transpires some humor; there exists a soft tension between structures, a style that is unexpectedly relaxed and brings us to a moment of expectation while contemplating these works.

Artists like Manzoni, Goeritz, Picasso, and Art & Language confirm their atemporal state more so than historical values, and give notice to moments which are unique in artistic practices, that have affected the way in which we see and think about art.

The suggestions I chose of contemporary artists—including the youngest ones—connect these semantics, where the formal structure has intervened with another invisible element; language. The selection that I present, shows a concordance that’s more visual, they are pieces of systematic vocation, which naturally integrate into themselves with a cunning wink of the eye.

My Selection:

Jose Dávila, Monochrome Vernacular, 2013, at Travesia Cuatro

Fabiola Torres-Alzaga, Untitled Butterfly (#2), at Steve Turner Contemporary 

Edgar Orlaineta, Totem After Ettore Sottsas, 2013, at Steve Turner Contemporary 

Lorna Simpson, Black Curl, 2013, at Salon 94 

Marie Lund, Beginning Happening 15, 2013, at Proyectos Monclova 

Mathias Goeritz, Figuras con triangulos de madera, circa 1983, at Oscar Roman

Pablo Picasso, Nature Morte au Bougeoir et a la Cruche, 1937, at Opera Gallery 

Sarah Crowner, Lemon and Lime (Ojai), 2014, at Galerie Nordenhake

Sarah Crowner, Flying Painting, 2014, at Galerie Nordenhake 

Iván Krassoievitch, Stay, 2014, at Machete

Manuel Rocha Iturbide, El Eterno Retorno – The eternal recurrence, versión Nº 2 para tambor de orquesta, medidas variables, pieza única + pa, 2013, at le laboratoire

Birgir Andrésson, All this and the earth as well, 2005, at i8

Pia Camil, 2013, at Galería OMR

Art & LanguageOfficial Squares Again, 2009-2010, at Galería Juana de Aizpuru    

Piero Manzoni, Achrome (from the Azimut Series), 1960-1961, at CARDI / CARDI BLACK BOX

Michel François, Crumpled (One from the Other), 2013, at Bortolami

Michel François, Not Yet Titled, 2010, at Bortolami

Dario Escobar, Untitled No. 1, 2014, atJosée Bienvenu

Dario Escobar, Untitled No. 2, 2014, atJosée Bienvenu   

Siobhan Hapaska, A wolf, an olive tree and circumstances, 2014, at Andréhn-Schiptjenko              

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Patricia Martin