My Highlights from Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Patrick Steffen
Jan 23, 2014 3:24PM

I approached this selection of artworks by choosing artists whose evolution is cohesive, always guided by a fundamental need to pursue their specific yet universal research.

Miljohn Ruperto & Ulrik Heltoft, Voynich Botanical Studies, Specimen 50r JARO, 2013, at Thomas Solomon Gallery

Miljohn Ruperto and Ulrik Heltoft’s photographic work, inspired by the botanical illustrations of the mysterious and undecipherable 15th-century Voynich Manuscript, is mesmerizing yet very familiar at the same time. 2014 will be a great year for Miljohn Ruperto, as he will participate in the Whitney Biennial and will have his first solo show in New York at Koenig & Clinton.

Ruby Neri, Untitled, 2012, at David Kordansky Gallery

Ruby Nery’s irreverent approach to sculpture is the result of a career characterized by a deep sense of freedom, which the artist is able to fully convey in her oeuvre.

Anna Halprin, The Prophetess, 1958, at The Apartment

Anna Halprin‘s revolutionary approach towards dance and improvisation in the ’50s opened the path for a new understanding of the relationship between the body and the performance, influencing a whole generation of performers whose work is the foundation of performance art today. This vintage print witnesses the avant-garde spirit of a legendary artist, who is still very active to this day.

 Nathaniel Mellors, Green-Orange Shakespeare (3 Straws), 2013, at MONITOR

The title says it all. Mellors' oeuvre is funny and sophisticated; creating a complex and detailed narrative that seems to defy logic and time.

Serban Savu, Haze on the Dam, 2013, at Mihai Nicodim

Serban Savu is a master in capturing, in a truly realistic way, a sort of ambiguous decadence typical of a fragile, newly created, post-communist democratic society, emphasizing a bizarrely bucolic atmosphere of bewilderment.

Tala MadaniYellowed Pants, 2013, at Pilar Corrias Gallery

Tala Madani combines a sharp and incisive social criticism with a witty approach to expressionist painting. She is a very audacious artist whose evolution over the next year will be interesting to follow.

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Patrick Steffen