False Mirror: Surrealism- Art opening!

paul leibow
Dec 17, 2013 6:01PM

Artworks presents The False Mirrors, Surrealism- an exhibition Curated by Frances Heinrich with six large note worthy works from artist Paul Leibow. The show offering a different exhibition, created through an independent curator that had something new to say. Will move but not disappoint.  Opening reception:  Saturday, January 11th @ 6:00pm 2014

ARTWORKS gallery”  –A collection of works unique to a movement long considered defunct, certainly past over by current movements, however even the current street-art eclipsed it, although then became it. Surrealism has evolved, past the realistic nature of the early famous painters such as Magritte. Now progressing, more relevant then ever before because most don’t call it surrealism yet that’s what it has become. Mediums merging into one, conceptualism, mixed media and interactive works. More then 50 years ago the surrealists movement had fizzled...permeated as an inert gas. Until around the 1980's a resurgence, one can see elements looking at artists such as Jeff Koon’s or Damian Hurst…many Banksy's silhouette works seems to still fool the eye, even Eminem impersonating Max Headroom as a rap god, perhaps most relevant director Vania Heymann's film/video looking back at ourselves through Bob Dylan's interactive art video: "Like a Rolling Stone", retro advanced the way users changing channels in real time remaining within the same song on the exact same beat. Display how surreal art has come back differently through the slip of time.Whether within Magritte's dream storm of raining green apples, Dali's urine yellow clocks melting time in the distance of regret or De Chirico's mystery from emerging shadows. We all are still remarkably transfixed looking down at the invisible watch on our wrist, while smart-phones eclipsed that landscape long ago. these reinvented works transformed from a backbone of surrealists rich in their steal roots synthesizing new vision. Surrealism remains woven in the emotional fabric of these new artists canvas and mixed media works. This group show housing several under exposed mid career artists whose push and pull of mediums reveal past innovations of artists such as De Chirico, Magritte, and Ernst who invented an advanced sensibility, by bending time, scale and logic from their visual language is refreshingly born again.Opening reception:  Saturday, January 11th @ 6:00pm 2014  Entitled:   “THE FALSE MIRROR” Surrealism


paul leibow