My Highlights from Art Central 2015

Paulo Pong
Mar 9, 2015 5:43PM

Paulo, a longtime patron of the visual and performing arts, is the Managing Director of Altaya Group as well as the Co-Founder of Press Room Group and Duddell’s.

I am intrigued by the diversity of the offerings from these Asian artists. From photography, ink, and oil, to mixed media, there is great representation of a wide range of subjects.

My Selection:

Pang Yun 庞云Portrait of Trees No. 3, 2014, at Art+ Shanghai Gallery

Li Yuming 李毓明, Landscape Appreciation, 2014, at Art+ Shanghai Gallery

Landscape Appreciation, 2014
Art+ Shanghai Gallery

Kai Huang, LuLuPa HuTong (Alleyway), 2012, at Amelie Art Gallery

Ruizhao Liu, Swimmer, 2009, at Amelie Art Gallery

Hiroshi Sugimoto, On the Beach 007, 1990, at amanasalto

On the Beach 007, 1990
Paulo Pong