Is Photoshop Remixing the World?

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Apr 12, 2013 7:09PM

Photoshop has completely revolutionized our visual culture. Artists now use Photoshop to create complex imagery that would have been impossible 20 years ago. It has also profoundly changed the art of photo retouching, turning a labor intensive process into an artful and often controversial digital workflow. 

But possibly the most current and expressive influence can be seen in meme culture online. With the ability to alter any image in the media landscape, everyday people now have the means to critically comment on culture and spread their ideasvirally, leveling the playing field between traditional media creators and consumers. Photoshop has changed the way we communicate, the way we express ourselves, and the way we view the world and each other.


Jeff Huang, Art Director & Illustrator

Laurent Le Moing, Picturehouse NYC

Don Caldwell, Know Your Meme

Photographers Featured:

Matt Jones

Chris Buck

Robert Maxwell

Txema Yeste

Matthias Vriens

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