"Verdun 1914-2014" by Konstanze Sailer

Ch. D.
Aug 28, 2014 6:25PM

Powerful ink on paper "Verdun 1914-2014" by Konstanze Sailer, to be seen at Gallery Christoph Dürr, Munich.

The portraits and jaws “Verdun 1914 – 2014” of Konstanze Sailer emphasise that countenances had once been present, faces of the past in which the sublimity of mourning, pride and pain fall into one another. Past generations are reflected in the countenance and become traces again that remind us of how everything that once was, is now only an unchangeable past. The portraits and jaws presented, with their rhythms, lines and rows, are archaeological fragments. They lay trails to the passed-by and keep the beholder within the traces of a temporal order. The facial expression as a trace, establishes a relationship with the unexpressed. The faces and portrayals of Konstanze Sailer constitute a borderland between the informal and material statements of questions and elaboration, the basis for discourse between the countenance and its beholder.

copyright: www.konstanzesailer.com

Ch. D.