Aline Cautis talks art and cities at NADA Miami Beach

Dec 5, 2013 8:19PM

There was a time when if you'd declared Cluj the next contemporary art hotspot, people might have raised an eyebrow.

However, Cluj managed a feat that only ten years ago would have seemed improbable. This Romanian city has become an ideal breeding ground for avant-garde artistic productions, and Cluj is one of the twelve emerging creative communities featured in our book Art Cities of the Future.

We spoke with Aline Cautis, whose work is now on view at NADA Miami Beach, about her home city's growing influence:

"The east still has this allure seen from the west, especially the romantic narratives of an artist struggling under repressive political regimes with no market and no funding. I think it is especially important to look at the younger artists who carry pieces of this legacy and now have their own voices."

Cautis describes the paintings she’s showing at NADA as "not abstract, but exploring all sorts of things without actually painting a picture. They are fragments of many, many, narratives. This is where history of painting and art fit in. I often reference several contradicting histories within one work."

You can see Cautis's work up close at Sabot's NADA booth (#203) or right here on Artsy.

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